Eden Pereda abstract figurative painting

Femininity is an embodiment of strength, willpower, beauty, and a natural expression of sexual energy and desire. Working in an intuitive and unstructured manner, I breathe life into that concept with my emotions, impulses, color, and the natural shapeliness of the female body. Feminine figures glide, twist, and pose in natural, dream-like settings. They are often faceless, while their bodies and gestures express grace, fluidity, intimacy, and affection. There is a constant contrast presented in my work between a self-conscious expression of nudity and sexuality, a desire for uncensored autonomy, and a staged performance for the viewer. The figures in my work are very much aware of the viewer's gaze and they oscillate between reticence and reveling in knowing they are being watched. 


Eden Pereda is a Mexican-American artist working and residing in Southern California. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in visual arts from California State University San Marcos in 2011, with an emphasis in arts and technology. She began her artistic endeavors with photography. With a deep admiration for the natural world and a love of design and color, she created interesting compositions that focused on shapes, light, and shadow. Her commitment and devotion to painting did not commence until the spring of 2017 when she endeavored to overcome mental health issues and teach herself how to paint.


Eden works primarily in acrylic for its quick drying, and in small format due to her current living space. She creates paintings that are personally expressive and evocative of classical beauty. Her work covers themes of sexuality, identity, feminism, and personal empowerment.